Are you looking for hedging plants for privacy... or to withstand the coastal gales?

At Albion we grow large quantities of hedging, and in various heights.

Our stock list is priced according to standard quantities, but if you need to cover a large area, please ask for a competitive quote.


Pot grown stock available all year round:

  • Leylandii green or gold from 3 foot tall to 3 metres. The fast growing standard.
  • Grisellina littoralis and varigated forms from 2 foot tall to 2 metres. Brilliant screen and costal plant.
  • Laurels 2 foot to 6 foot, in pot sizes to 20 litres. Classic Rotundifolia.
  • Portugese laurel becoming more popular as an evergreen hedge with its attractive pointed leaves and stem in reddish hue.
  • Buxus the classic box hedging or its disease resistant substitute Ilex crenata
  • Photinia Red Robin bushy 3 foot to fan trained 5 footers
  • Hornbeam, Beech and Copper Beech 3 foot to 6 foot potted for year round planting.

Bare root hedging whips: AVAILABLE IN THE WINTER

Plants are kept healed in to protect the roots from drying out and bundled to order.

Generally bare root hedging is planted in two rows, making 5 per meter.

For simplicity, we have created package deals based on classic planting schemes.

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